Amit Pathak

Sharekhan Education
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After earning his master’s degree in International Business from BHU, Amit started his career as a banker. There he was attracted towards stock markets. There onwards he worked with the research teams of several brokerage houses, as equity research analyst. As an Sharekhan Education Instructor, he combines experience with fundamental analysis and market timing strategy to deliver powerful insights into equity investing.

He tells his students to follow the law of the farm. A farmer cannot expect to reap a bumper crop by being lazy for three months and then “cramming” to catch up. Likewise, an investor should be guided by patience, passion and practice, which can help them maintain consistency.

Amit believes that time, money and energy spent in acquiring knowledge pays the best interest in the long run. Education is a life-long exercise which helps us evolve as an individual.


    • Graduation in Economics Hons. ,Banaras Hindu University
    • MBA in International Business, Banaras Hindu University
    • Equity Research Analyst with various Indian brokerage houses


    • Indian Markets


    • Stocks
    • Wealth Management


    • Environmentalist


    Varanasi, India
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