Anand Sharma

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Anand Sharma has been actively trading Stocks and Commodities since the year 2004. His passion and desire to be in the financial sector led him to join the broking industry back in the day. He started reading about technical analysis from books, free resources and the internet. But even after much trial and application of many techniques he was not very happy with the way his trading results were progressing. It was as though something was always missing. He got introduced to Sharekhan Education’s core trading strategy in the year 2012, and the missing part of the puzzle finally started adding up.

This knowledge helped him immensely in his own trading and the light at the end of the tunnel just got brighter and brighter. Today, he teaches online courses like the Certified Trading Professional – Equities & Commodities.

As a Trader, he believes that having discipline, having a trading plan and following a simple rule based strategy are key to achieve the goal in becoming a successful trader.


    • Bachelor’s degree in Commerce
    • MBA in Finance
    • Chartered Financial Analyst


    • Indian Markets


    • Fundamental Analysis
    • Stocks
    • Commodities
    • Futures


    Maharashtra, India
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