Futures Course Day Wise Course Curriculum

Day 1

Basics of Futures & understanding basic Futures market Terminologies–

  • Understand futures market & Review basic terminologies in futures like Margin, Leverage, Lot size, Margin call, premium and discount.
  • Benefits of futures markets & 4 futures group we focus on.
  • Understandings open Interest in Futures markets and its application to trading
  • Complete core strategy review including four basic patterns, Trends, Multiple time frame analysis.
  • Planning live trades in futures markets. (Index futures, stock futures, etc.)

Day 2

Introduction to commodity markets & in-depth understanding of commodities –

  • History of commodities Markets.
  • Intermarket analysis,(how all the asset classes are interrelated)
  • Myths associated with commodities Trading,
  • Major commodity exchanges in India,
  • Introduction to Agri/Non Agri commodities
  • Delivery Mechanism in commodities Market
  • Global commodity exchanges to track, Impact of Global Commodity prices on Indian Commodity prices Products Available to trade in Commodities Market
  • Understanding Hedging/Spread trading/Speculating, Examples of Spread trading
  • How Commodities & Dollar affect underlying stocks,(Intermarket corelation)
  • Practice trades in commodities

Day 3

Trading strategies in commodities markets –

  • Significance of Gaps in commodities & how to trade them
  • Significance of Gaps in commodities & how to trade them,
  • Insight into commodities Market research,
  • Fundamental factors driving different commodities (Agri & Non-Agri)
  • Significance of Dollar Index, Relationship between Dollar Index & Gold
  • Planning live trades in commodities
  • Peculiar features of different commodities
  • How to analyze economic Data & its impact on different commodities, where to see the economic data/news flow
  • Understanding concept of ATR & its significance in commodities markets,
  • Planning trades in different commodities

Day 4

Risk management & additional tools used in trading futures

  • Managing risk in futures markets
  • Trader Time zones (What time zones are best to trade in Equity markets & commodities markets)
  • How to find indicative opening of different commodities using the international prices, how to use International commodities charts in planning trades for Indian commodities
  • Strategies for trading in a strongly trending market
  • Planning live trades in futures
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