IGNITE - Your Personal Trading Program

Detailed Program Curriculum

Ignite is a comprehensive trader mentoring programme by Sharekhan Education to help you trade like the professionals do.

Ignite is spread into 5 steps:


Welcome session for Orientation, Profiling & Expectation Setting Ignite Program starts with an online welcome session which will cover:

  • Ignite overview
  • Trader Profiling Process
  • Mutual expectation setting

The objective of this session is to prepare you for the journey ahead & lay a strong Foundation for your trading success.

2. Trader Education

You will undergo the Certified Trading Professional Course (CTP). This is an online course customized Sharekhan Eductaion specially for Ignite Traders

The CTP Course will cover:

  • Basics of Equity stock trading
  • Trading terminology
  • Mastering the Ignite Trade Tiger Platform
  • OTA core trading strategy

  • - Identifying real demand / supply in the market

    - Trend Analysis

    - Set ups

    - Entry types & Exits

  • Odds enhancers-selecting the best levels for entry & exit
  • Trade Management
  • Risk Management
  • Multiple Time frame analysis
  • Stock Selection
  • Trading Styles- Intraday, Swing & Positional
  • Application of core trading Strategy
  • Trading plan

Program delivery & duration

The duration of the programme is 20 sessions of 2 hours each over a month. Recorded sessions will also be accessible for 48 hrs.

3. Controlled Trades

Hands on experience is always the best method to learn, which is why we will teach you by guiding you through real trades in live markets with real money and without the fear of making losses. Our mentors will guide you through 40 rule- based “Controlled Trades” based on the core trading strategy taught in CTP Course.

4. Personal Trading Plan

The key to success in trading is to treat trading as a business. The starting point for any business is a sound BUSINESS PLAN. Trading is no different. You need to have personal Trading Plan. Your mentors will guide you in making one. This written plan will define your entry, exit & money management rules.

The plan will:

  • Define your trading style
  • Evaluate your strengths & weaknesses
  • Identify the tools needed to plan trades
  • Create your daily Trading Routine
  • Define your Risk management strategy & position sizing rules.
  • Define Asset classes & instruments for your trading
  • Specify your time & capital allocation for trading

5. Post – Training Support & mentorship

At Ignite, you get not only the finest trading education but also a complete handholding to help you become a profitable trader for the next eleven months after the conclusion of your CTP course. The post –training Ignite support includes:

Access to live online trading room sessions daily where you are guided by Professional Traders during Live markets

Live Mentor Session Details:

  • Morning Session : 8.45 a.m - 9.45 a.m
  • Late Evening Session: 8.00 p.m- 8.45 p.m
  • Special online education sessions for periodic reinforcement of CTP learning.
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