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After earning his double Master’s degree, Kartik Manek began investing in the equity markets with the goal of mixing fundamentals with technical analysis. Then he came to Sharekhan Education and discovered the power of a simple, rules-based strategy focused solely on price action.

As an Sharekhan Education Instructor, Kartik is guided by a single, powerful thought: Follow a disciplined mechanical trading process and look to keep losses small to put the law of probability on your side. He advises his students to utilize a systematic plan.

Kartik believes the reason so many people fail in trading is because they cannot give up on their ego. His personal “Why” is to influence his students’ lives for the better by teaching well, which helps him be content in his own life.


    • MBA in Finance, Rochester Institute Of Technology, USA
    • Master’s in Financial Markets, UCLA, USA
    • Master’s in Commerce, Mumbai University
    • Partner in family real estate business


    • Indian Markets


    • Graduate Programs - India
    • Stocks


    • Hobbies include running marathons, reading, travel


    Mumbai, India

    What Students Are Saying

    “Enjoyed taking the Core Strategy sessions with our instructor Mr. Kartik Manek. He made sure all concepts were clear, coupled with a decent pace. Keep it up!”

    , December 2019

    “It was a thrilling experience, similar to tracking in Himalayas! Every day was more thrilling and enjoyable than the previous day, excellently guided by Prof. Kartik. Three cheers to Prof Kartik.”

    , December 2019

    “Kartik had been extremely cordial with everyone and took us through the various steps again and again that would help at least me to start practicing trading with confidence and clarity. It was not only excellent but beyond expectations.”

    , November 2019

    “It was excellent. The instructor has started with very basic and made every step crystal clear to us. He has repeated the lessons until we said that we have (delete) clearly understand and also given unique analogies for better understanding. Instructor was also clear about what was and what was not to be taught at this stage. Especially we were taught the psychological part which is the most important factor during trading. The instructor has changed my view towards trading after these classes.”

    , October 2019
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