ProActive Investor - India

Duration: Part 1 (Days 2), Part 2 (Days 2)

Course Type:

On Location and Online

Detailed Course Outline

Pre-Class Essentials

Short topic-based self-paced lessons focused on foundational topics to completely prepare you for attending the 4-day course. This is available to students in form of small videos which the student is expected to go through before attending the sessions.

Day 1
  • ProActive Investor Foundation
  • Understanding:
    • Fundamental analysis
    • Economic cycle - its phases, factors and its impact on stock market
    • Sector analysis with help of generic & specific factors, sector rotation cycle & its impact on stocks
Day 2
  • Qualitative analysis of companies:
    • Business Model
    • Management
    • Economic Moats
    • Growth Drivers & Risks
    • Financial statements, Ratios and Valuation techniques
    • Using research reports & we resources to take decisions on investing
Day 3
  • Terminology and Introduction to Candlesticks
  • Core Strategy Formations & Zone analysis
  • Trend analysis & multiple time frame analysis
  • Entry strategy using PAI indicator
  • Three different Exit strategies
    • Fundamental sell
    • Exhaustion candle
    • Stop Loss
  • Decision making matrix
Day 4
  • Options Overview
  • Advantages of Options & Terminology Review
  • Credit & Debit Positions
  • Moneyness, Strikes & Expiration selection
  • Placing Options orders in Trade Tiger
  • Analysis Techniques & Live Exercise Application
  • Asset Class Specific Odds Enhancers
  • Core Strategy Review – The 6 Step Process
  • Learn how Options can be part of a ProActive Investor’s plan
  • Discover how to use Options to limit risk
  • Discover how to use Options to acquire stocks at a more convenient price
  • Discover how to use Options to collect extra premium while in a long position
  • Discover how to get paid by selling Options and use that premium to insure a position
  • Learn what needs to be done when in bullish or bearish model

The students should note that the primary focus of this class will be to cover stocks within the Indian markets traded on exchanges such as the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange.

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